Dog Food

Dog Food


A complete and balanced diet that highly digestible, combined with high caloric density that reduces the volume of food required to deliver sufficient nutrients. 



Adult Dog

A complete and balanced nutrition that contain high-quality ingredients to enhance healthy skin and coat, healthy digestion and for optimal immune function.

Pregnant Dog

A diet with 30% animal-based protein, 20% Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which will ensure that the dog is in optimal health.



Senior Dog

Protein for maintaining good physical health with supplements to prevent the development of chronic disease and support optimal organ function.

Premium Dog Food

Premium dog foods are more nutrient dense and contain beneficial nutrients above and beyond the bare minimum e.g. omega fatty acids for skin and coat health, antioxidants for immune support and joint support nutrients for improved mobility. Feeding your pet a premium quality diet is one thing that you can do every day to take care of your pet's health.